Check Up and Cleanings

2 Checkups a year, keep bacteria in fear!

Check Ups and Cleanings

There is simply no substitute for great oral hygiene. While brushing and flossing are of importance in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, dental hygiene visits provide you with further preventive measures  that will ensure the long term health of your tissues.

Gum disease is a result of accumulation of plaque (bacteria) around your teeth and under the gum tissue. The severity of the disease is measured by a periodontal exam that includes measurements of pocket depths of your gums, and recession or mobility of your teeth. Once your periodontal condition is determined, a treatment plan is provided for removing the bacteria and restoring a healthy supporting structure for your teeth. Treatment of the gums usually involves removal of the bacteria from the crown of your teeth (scaling), or the root surfaces (root planing). The frequency of these dental cleaning sessions depends on the conditions of your gum tissue and may range from 3 to 9 month intervals.

During your dental check ups, an examination may be done to ensure absence of cavities, oral lesions, failing restorations, or other problems that you may not be aware of. Our hygienists at Keele and Finch Dental are more than happy to provide you with an exceptional experience at your hygiene visits and answer any questions you may have

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